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All sales of fresh chillies are now from from our main enterprise: Sea Spring Seeds

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We – Michael and Joy Michaud – have specialised in chilli peppers on our West Dorset nursery for over twenty years, making us the first commercial "Chilli Farm" in Britain. We have sold fresh chillies under the name "Peppers by Post" throughout that time. However, as we now sell a lot more than just peppers we have decided to close down the name, 'Peppers by Post, and to continue all sales of fresh chillies, including Dorset Naga, via the website of our main enterprise: Sea Spring Seeds.

As part of our business we breed new chilli varieties, and do trials on commercial varieties of chillies, sweet peppers and many other vegetables, to determine which are the best ones to grow. We sell vegetable seeds, including some of the best chilli varieties available; and depending on the season we sell fresh chillies, chilli plug plants and mature chilli plants. We also sell chilli merchandise, such as postcards, greeting cards (good for birthdays or any event related to a chilli lover), gift vouchers, prints, posters, t-shirts, etc.


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   Dorset Naga


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Tel: (01308) 897898 | Ordering Information | email: info@seaspringseeds.co.uk

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