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Dorset Naga

One of the hottest chillies in the world

Joy and Michael Michaud
Sea Spring Seeds / Peppers by Post


Dorset Naga (Capsicum chinensis) is superhot chilli, origianlly selected from the Bangladeshi chilli, naga morich.

Annually, since 2005, we have tested the heat level of Dorset Naga, taking samples from different sites, various seasons and states of maturity. The heat level has ranged from 661,451 SHU for green fruit in 2007, up to 1,032,310 SHU for ripe fruit harvested in 2009.

High as our results are, the BBC's “Gardeners’ World” television programme recorded a much higher heat level for Dorset Naga. As part of the 2006 programming, the BBC gardening team ran a trial looking at several chilli varieties, including Dorset Naga. Heat levels were tested by Warwick HRI and the Dorset Naga came in at 1,598,227 SHU.

We sell seeds ( and plug plants (, of Dorset Naga. Also, between August to November every year we sell the fresh chillies ( of Dorset Naga.


The most fruit we have picked off on a single potted plant of Dorset Naga is 781. We have never made any attempt to count the number of chillies on plants grown in the ground, but we suspect it would be a great deal more. See this video:

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