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Want to grow something new?

Do you like exotic cooking?

... then these are the courses for you.

Grow and Cook’ are a series of half-day courses especially designed for gardeners interested in learning about new crops and food lovers who want to grow their own ingredients. Each course will give detailed information on the cultivation and management of vegetables, including tips on variety choice, cultivation and their use in the kitchen.

All courses are held at Sea Spring Farm, a specialist market garden in rural West Dorset and home to Peppers by Post, Britain’s first mail order chilli company. Situated in the village of West Bexington, the holding looks out across Lyme Bay, with views of Portland Bill in the east and the Devon coast spreading round to the west. For directions to Sea Spring Farm please Click Here

In 2008 courses offered are on chillies and sweet peppers (‘What’s hot, what’s not’) and on Thai (‘Fusion Thai’) and Indian (‘Asian Roots ’) vegetables and cooking. The courses are only held in July, August and September, when the vegetables are at their best.

Courses are offered to groups only (each group must contain a minimum of three people and a maximum of ten). The cost of a course is a flat rate of £300, irrespective of the number of people attending the course. The date of each course will be agreed by arrangement. For more details contact Joy or Michael Michaud at:

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